Free ferry travel - Calmac confirms help for disabled passengers

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Ferry operator CalMac has confirmed that disabled passengers using their vessels can have a carer or companion travel with them free of charge if, in the company’s opinion, CalMac would be unable to provide the level of care required by the passenger.

In a statement provided to the Gazette this week, as spokesperson for CalMac revealed they have a an assistance team in place to help and aid disabled passengers and they are working on a new guide which will be available to travellers in the future.

The spokesperson said: “CalMac has an assistance team in place to ensure disabled travellers have a trouble free journey with us.

“This particular guidance applies to disabled people travelling on their own, who, in the company’s opinion, we would be unable to provide the level of care that they need while on board.

“In this instance we would advise that a carer could accompany them free of charge.

“This decision is for the company to make and is made on a case by case basis, determined on whether or not we would be able to accommodate a solo disabled traveller safely.

“We are currently finalising an Assisted Travel Guide which will cover this guidance.”