From The Butt to Barra District News - Great Bernera

Bernera Trust Group - The AGM took place on Thursday 30th April in the Bernera Hall and was well attended and a new group of directors was appointed. Tom informed the meeting about the work the Trust had been involved in to date which was mainly applying for grants in order for us to progress the purchase.

A valuation has been received for the island but it has yet to be determined what exactly is being offered to the community and whether a price can be agreed.

The group has applied for funding for the purchase and this is also yet to be approved.

No projects can therefore be started until we have confirmation that we can buy the island.

If a sale looks to be forthcoming then it is hoped to co-opt other members onto the group who can help progress any project and especially to get the younger members of the community involved as it is their future in the island we are trying to protect.

It was agreed at the AGM to alter the constitution to allow 16 and 17 year olds to become full members of the group.

There is also a reminder that group meetings are open to all members in the community and if you would like to get reminders of when they are on please send your email to

Likewise if you haven’t yet got your membership form and paid £1 fee then forms are normally available in the shop, café or email the trust for a form.

If you know of anyone who is not on the voting register on the island and wishes to help support us they can become an associate member and can email the trust for a form.

Kirkibost Harbour - There is a meeting of the harbour group on Monday 11 May at 7.30pm and more details are available from

Events - May 7th is election day so don’t forget to go to the polling centre in the community centre and place your vote.

May 7th is also the performance of the “The Straw Chair” at the community centre, which it is hoped will be well attended. Please come along and support these events as this should be very entertaining and can be enjoyed by all.

The cost is £8 per person or £5 each for a group of 4 and refreshments should be available.