Funding helps Screen Machine measure its carbon footprint

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Scotland’s mobile cinema, Screen Machine, has been awarded a share of £85,000 National Lottery funds to undertake pioneering research into its carbon footprint on the Highlands and Islands.

Established in 1998 to bring the latest films to remote and rural areas of Scotland, the Screen Machine travels an estimated 13,000 miles per year to over 30 communities. Now, thanks to National Lottery funds from AmbITion Scotland’s Make:IT:Happen scheme, the cinema’s carbon footprint will be monitored alongside those of visiting cinema-goers.

“We’re delighted to receive this funding to help us monitor the impact the cinema has on the places we visit,” said Screen Machine Director, Ron Inglis. “We know that many of our customers wait for Screen Machine to come to them rather than driving to larger cinemas, thereby reducing carbon emissions. Now we can monitor our own impact on the areas we visit.”

Archie Prentice of Highlands firm Carbon Diagnostics said: “Preliminary analysis during the summer highlighted how the carbon footprint of different screenings at one location fluctuates. Analysing the carbon footprint of a wider tour will highlight how this also differs across different screening locations in a rural areas such as the Highlands and Islands.

“Reducing a carbon footprint reduces costs as well as greenhouse gas emissions. Understanding how to incorporate these issues while still delivering sustainable services in rural areas like the Highlands is a key challenge and opportunity for the area in the coming years.”