Further snow and bitter winds likely

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Freezing rain, turning to heavy snow in places is likely across Stornoway and parts of the Isles tonight (Monday night) and into tomorrow (Tuesday), advises Stornoway weather columnist Eddie Graham.

The wintry precipitation will be accompanied by a renewed bout of strong northerly winds, which will make it feel bitterly cold again with sub-zero air temperatures (when the ‘windchill’ effect is added).

There are signs, however, that the current cold snap will end around mid-week, as milder, calmer conditions accompanied by high pressure builds from the west on Wednesday and Thursday, bringing the more familiar weather conditions of drizzle and low-cloud (but with light winds).

Yesterday (Sunday 1st February) was officially the first day of spring according to the old Celtic calendars of Scotland (Alba) and Ireland (Eirinn), although in general meteorologists don’t consider “spring” to start until the 1st March.

So far this year, January in Stornoway saw a relatively high total of 10 days of lying snow, the highest number since the record snowy month of December 2010.