Gaelic Teacher Recruitment

Bòrd na Gàidhlig has launched the redevelopment of its teacher recruitment initiative to further meet the growing demand for Gaelic teachers.

Following on from the successes of the Gaelic teacher recruitment campaigns seen in the last three years, the Bòrd have launched a complete redevelopment of their Thig Gam Theagasg (Come and Teach Me) campaign, with an attractive redesign of the website, creation of new digital adverts, with complementary advertising materials.

Bòrd na Gàidhlig Cathraiche (Chair), Iain Campbell said: “Marketing is an extremely useful tool in helping us to recruit new teachers. We have constantly been adding to our portfolio of developments over the last three years, and are delighted to have been able to refresh our whole Thig Gam Theagasg (Come and Teach Me) initiative.

“There is a need to strengthen the infrastructure of Gaelic education and learning generally by supporting the recruitment of a confident, appropriately trained workforce in order to service the expansion of Gaelic education.

“In partnership with the Scottish Government, Local Authorities and Teacher Education Institutes the Bòrd support initiatives to increase the range of courses available to those who wish to enter Gaelic teaching, or those who wish to transfer to teaching through the medium of Gaelic from mainstream education.

“We would like to thank the Scottish Government again for their additional investment in the redesigning of the Thig gam Theagasg initiative campaign.”

Welcoming the redevelopment, Minister for Scotland’s Languages, Dr Alasdair Allan said: “We have had great success across Scotland encouraging young Gaelic speakers through GME, with the number of speakers in all age groups under 21 going up for the first time in generations.

“In order to continue to meet this demand from parents we need to attract and retain good teachers who can bring lessons to life and inspire their classes. There is now greater support available for those wishing to enter GME teacher training and I would encourage anyone interested to visit the website and see the opportunities open to them.”