Gaelic to the fore

Pr�iseact Nan Ealan at a meeting in Galway to discuss international project Tosta.
Pr�iseact Nan Ealan at a meeting in Galway to discuss international project Tosta.

As the cultural ‘ship’ Tosta prepares to set sail as part of the celebrations for Donostia 2016 - European Capital of Culture, preparations for the Gaelic contribution are underway.

The Tosta cargo will visit seven participating minority language communities across the continent as it seeks to celebrate the linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe and spreading the values of the Donostia 2016 project.

The word Tosta means the bench in a boat, and is a word that is present, with small variations, in many minority languages along the European Atlantic coast.

Tosta will develop in two phases with the artist residencies, coordinated by Pròiseact nan Ealan, starting in early 2016.

Each participating community will exchange artists with a partner country to create art, in various forms, inspired by their cultural journey through the Tosta project.

The second phase, starting in June, will see a set of shipping containers travel to all the Tosta communities.

These containers will showcase the work of the artists from the residencies at major cultural events in the host community.

After travelling along the Atlantic coast, the Tosta cargo will end its voyage when it arrives to the coast of Gipuzkoa, Spain. The welcome party will coincide with the Atlantikaldia festival that will be held in Errenteria in late September, and with the European Day of Languages (26th September 2016).

Speaking after meeting the Tosta team in Galway, Erica Morrison, Creative Director of Pròiseact nan Ealan, said: “Pròiseact nan Ealan were delighted to be approached by Donostia 2016 and to embark on this significant cultural journey with them.

“This international project has been two years in the planning and is almost ready to launch.

“This platform for Gaelic will showcase our status as one of the significant minority languages within Europe, highlighting that cultural promotion through the arts contributes significantly to the development and promotion of our language.”