Gaelic Writing Competitions for secondary school pupils

Kids get creative writing
Kids get creative writing

Comann Luchd-Teagaisg Àrd-Sgoiltean, the Professional Association for Gaelic Secondary School Teachers in Scotland, has launched its annual writing competitions for S1 and S2 students in Gaelic Medium and Gaelic Learners education.

In the Gaelic Learners competition students are being asked to write about themselves or their hometown; while Gaelic Medium students are being asked to write on ‘War’, ‘The Commonwealth Games’ or ‘Scotland’.

It is hoped the competition will allow young Gaelic speakers and learners from across Scotland to develop their literacy skills and record in writing the significance of the year 2014 for Scotland.

Schools are being asked to submit their 10 best pieces of writing by June 9th.

Full details for both competitions are available at