‘Gairm nan Gàidheal: Five Island Communities To Host Gaelic Arts Events

Proiseact nan Ealan (PNE) are to assist five island communities commemorate the Centenary of the Great War with the project, ‘Gairm nan Gàidheal’.

This multi-stranded project aims to explore the involvement of Islanders in the war through drama, music, song and exhibitions.

Chair of PNE Cathy Macdonald said: “This ambitious project in the five different island communities is being supported by people from these communities, many of whom have a direct connection with the horror that unfolded in 1914.

“All parts of the United Kingdom suffered but few sacrificed as many as the islands. We hope to be able to reflect its impact and draw on the great reservoir of creative material the Great War produced.”

In March of this year the first of the five plays will be hosted in Harris followed by North Uist, Barra, Point and Stornoway.

Professional theatre practitioners are working alongside members of the community to create the plays. The writers involved include D.S. Murray, Iain Macrae, Alison Lang, Chrisella Ross and Margaret MacNeil.

Chief Executive of PNE, Erica Morrison, said: “PNE are at the forefront of the current growth of Gaelic drama and are developing high quality Gaelic theatre by giving support to writers new to the theatre as well as drawing on skills which exist in our communities.

“PNE’s Gaelic Artists-in-residence, Iain Finlay Macleod, is working with the writers to develop the scripts.”

And Iain Finlay Macleod added: “I was sure that the writers we had for the project would deliver. I’ve been greatly impressed by the breadth of story and style they have covered.

“In such a difficult subject they’ve also found humanity and light as well as dark. It’s an exciting project, and shows PNE’s ambition of vision.”

Later in the year, PNE plan to deliver these commemorative productions in communities across Scotland including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Oban and Skye.

Tickets available from the PNE office. For more information please contact PNE’s Marketing Officer Iain Beggs by email at iain@gaelic-arts.com