Gardens grow much needed funds for charity


Open under Scotland’s Gardens, the national scheme for gardens which open in support of charities, Rowena and Stuart Oakley have opened their garden at Leathad Ard, Upper Carloway to the public this summer.

Forty per cent of their takings go to support The Red Cross, with the remainder supporting Scotland’s Gardens’ own nominated charities. All donations and 90% of plant sales go to charity (10% is used to pay for pots, compost etc).

Hiding behind the windbreaks are 20 plus flower beds, vegetable patches, fruit cages and a greenhouse, from bog gardens to dry beds (as rainfall permits), from exposed beds to sheltered ones, growing a bewildering range of plants from the exotic to the mundane. A gem around every corner, and not forgetting the show vegetables, which are a bit below par this year owing to the cool spring.

Stuart said: “Despite the recent strong winds the garden has faired surprisingly well with most damage being seen in the exposed roadside bed, which we are thinking of calling the sacrificial bed, and the geranium bed.

“There is also a plant stall, and all the plants grown by us and are to be found in the garden.”

The Garden is opened up until August 31st, between 1.45pm and 6pm every day except Fridays and Sundays. Admittance is by donation (usually made at the end of the visit) but hopefully around £4 per head.

Visitors are given a guided tour which can take up to two hours, depending on how much discussion goes on and the garden has a fairly complex layout - see map at:, which also gives a flavour of the range of plants grown.