Gazette Campaign - World Heritage Site status for Callanish Stones

The Gazette Campaign to achieve World Heritage Site (WHS) status for the ancient Callanish Stones is starting to gather support.

Public feedback has been noted via the Gazette’s Facebook page and in an online poll, with 92 respondents, all voted Yes to the question: ‘Do you support World Heritage Site status for the Callanish Stones’.

When we launched the campaign in April there were a few concerns that such a status might impose more restrictions on development in the Callanish area.

However, the Callanish Stones, at their individual sites, are already listed as Scheduled Ancient Monuments by Historic Scotland.

This means that the stones are recognised as a non-renewable resource, and therefore any work that could alter them in any way is prohibited.

And on asking for further information about possible further restrictions the Gazette has learned that WHS status would impose no new restrictions to development in the surrounding area.

For the full story see this week’s Stornoway Gazette out on Thursday, May 15th.