Gazette debate ballot results revealed

The results are in...
The results are in...

The results of the ballot cast by the audience at the Stornoway Gazette Big Referendum Debate on Monday are in and amazingly the result was a tie.

Two-hundred and fifty people packed out Stornoway Town Hall to watch the debate. In total 203 audience members voted at the end of the debate - 99 of whom voted yes for Scottish independence, 99 who voted no and five who remained undecided posting blank ballots.

Stornoway Gazette editor Melinda Gillen hailed the night a great success. She said: “Stornoway Town Hall was full with Gazette readers eager to hear from our fantastic line-up led by Rev Iain D Campbell.

“Our live streaming of the event has attracted more than 9,047 views from all over the world to date with the number rising by the minute.”

Mrs Gillen continued: “From the audience reaction on the night we knew the ballot was going to be close but had no idea just how close.

“It goes to show there is still all to play for in the days leading up to referendum on September 18th.”

You can still watch the debate online here: