Gazette Letters 12/7/12


I want to comment on the recent Gaelic letter from Angus Peter Campbell in the local press which stated his concerns on the matter of Gaelic lecturing and storytelling, and how very few of the people from the Gaelic media establishments are ever to be seen in the audiences!

I do completely understand where he is at.

I also believe I can tell him, and others, quite truthfully that the demise of Gaelic and storytelling etc went from bad to worse in the 1970s when Gaelic’s future seeds were sown and the language was hi-jacked from the people and sucked into ‘paid to talk’ Quangos.

As far as I as a true no-nonsense Gaelic islander can witness the academics and the media killed the little that was left of proper Gaelic and its culture in our communities, and are now presently in the process of resurrecting a ‘City Croft Gaelic’, without any sort of culture to go with it - what’s all that about?

I would rather and truthfully see Gaelic die gracefully than to have to witness it being abused and violated on a daily basis, on radio, TV and the rest.

Mr A Campbell, Isle of South Uist


We recently returned fom an enjoyable week’s holiday in Stornoway, where it was interesting to see the many improvements in the town, from floral displays to new businesses and shops.

There are too many things to do and see, to be packed into one week!

Perhaps the most memorable was a lovely walk in the Castle Grounds.

Much good work has been done there and we especially liked the ornamental pool beside the iron-water well.

It is such an attractive surprise in the dark wood, with its flower bed and reflected trees surrounding the seat.

I believe there actually was a pool there long ago, so “there is nothing new under the sun”, or in the shade, either!

May and Alex Macaskill, Bridge of Allan


It is intriguing to note the recent furore enveloping the Conservative Party over the holding of a referendum on the UK’s relationship with the EU.

We are consistently told by the UK Government of the urgent need to hold a referendum on Scottish independence “sooner rather than later” because of the impact this apparent “uncertainty” is having on potential investment in Scotland.

This however, incidentally, is in despite of a recent report indicating that Scotland has topped a table for attracting foreign companies to invest - ahead of every other region in the UK outside London.

However, Mr Cameron is looking to hold a referendum at a date, still to be defined, on a question that is still to be defined, on our continued relationship, or not, with the EU.

As part of the largest single market in the world, with over half our trade with the EU and over three million jobs depending on this trade, potential UK trade and investment is being damaged by such irresponsible comments.

It smacks of utter hypocrisy to criticise the Scottish Government for holding the independence referendum in 2014 when the Conservatives are dithering about the holding of a referendum on the UK’s relationship with the EU.

Alex Orr, Edinburgh EH10 4JT


As a local Marie Curie Fundraiser, I would like to invite your readers to hold a Blooming Great Tea Party for Marie Curie Cancer Care this summer.

Whether it’s a gathering of friends for a cuppa, afternoon tea in the office or a garden party, then holding a Blooming Great Tea Party is a great way to get together with friends, family and colleagues and raise money for Marie Curie Highland.

The money raised at Blooming Great Tea Parties will allow Marie Curie Nurses in North West Scotland, to provide more free care to people with terminal cancer and other illnesses, enabling them to spend their final weeks, days or hours in their own homes in familiar surroundings with family and friends close by.

Last year our 34 Highland nurses provided nearly 20,000 hours of care to 268 patients. We need to continue to offer the choice of being cared for at home and need your support to do so.

To hold a Blooming Great Tea Party and receive a free fundraising pack call 08700 340 040 or visit

Vonnie Carson, Marie Curie Cancer Care