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Mitch Thompson sent us this image of a wind surfer getting some air at Barvas for our Beautiful Islands Feature this week.

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The Referendum campaign was the most profound experience of political engagement I have ever had the privilege to be involved with.

We have seen Scotland’s people involved in democratic politics in an amazing way and this energy and enthusiasm will be used to move Scotland forward.

I am aware that there has been speculation in social media regarding the conduct of the Referendum process. I believe this is a distraction and that we must move on.

I am sure that the conduct of the Referendum was of the highest order and it has brought great credit to Scotland’s democratic tradition.

We know that the promises of “Federalism”, “Devo Max”, or “Home Rule”, given to us were fundamental to securing the NO result.

That is why they were made. The naysayers had no option, if they were to avoid a YES result.

If they do not deliver, it means the 2014 Referendum was won on a lie.

So, let’s get as many Indy MP’s elected next May as we can and keep the pressure on Westminster.


SNP MSP for Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch


I am over 65, I am not backward looking, neither am I war-recalling (whatever that term means) or a blinkered member of a generation who fell for the “trickery of Westminster”.

However, according to your correspondent in the issue of 25th September Mary J MacLennan of Camuscross, Isle of Skye, I should hang my head in shame for having voted NO in the referendum.

Mary J Maclennan is one of the hundreds of thousands who does not accept the due process of democracy, and, like most other Nationalists is of the opinion that she is right and everyone who voted No is wrong.

At the age of 70+ I have never witnessed a larger bunch of poor losers than those involved in the YES campaign, and all of them singing from the same hymn sheet.

Instead of sniping from the sidelines, they should now accept defeat gracefully and work a way forward within the United Kingdom for the benefit of the Scottish people, and according to what the Scottish people want, which is certainly not independence.


Tolsta Chaolais

Isle of Lewis HS2 9DW


Rev David Campbell’s take on the Union and the Christian creed is misleading (Letters September 25).

Scottish independence was lost in 1707 when aristocrats in the Scottish parliament accepted English bribes to vote for the Union.

The largest English bribe was given to James Douglas, 2nd Duke of Queensberry:£12,325 (Worth around £2,000,000.00 today) plus a pension of £3,000 per year.

For his quisling act Queen Anne rewarded him with land in England and the titles: Duke of Dover; Marquis of Beverley and Earl of Rippon.

There were no protests against corruption and bribery by any of our Christian leaders.

The Highland Clearances lasted for over a hundred years and Presbyterian ministers were in collusion with the landlords and Anglicised clan chiefs who were evicting the people.

In 1826, Timsgarry, Uig, was cleared by MacKenzie of Seaforth to make a glebe for the sheep of Rev. Alexander MacLeod, Balnacille Church.

However, the evicted Timsgarry tenants and their children toiling and starving in the scrub and mosquito infested backwoods of Canada were not enamoured by the Christian creed of this cleric which was hell-fire in the pulpit, sheep on the glebe and Seaforth’s lucre in his back pocket.

Since the Act of Union the Kirk, has been in the yoke of patronage, harmoniously fitting into a corrupt scabbard along with associates in the political establishment at Westminster.

The Marquis of Stafford (Duke of Sutherland), Lord MacDonald, Colonel Gordon and James Loch were elders in Christian churches whilst their tenants were suffering unhallowed atrocities.

As theologians are still arguing over the merits or demerits of the Crusades, Inquisition, and St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre, and churches are tying themselves in knots over homosexuals and women bishops, clerics like Rev David Campbell are not the foremost counsellors we should listen to regarding political policies.


Bridge of Don

Aberdeen AB8WY


Picture if you will the road from Barvas to Ness, as most of you will know, for the most part it has a speed restriction of 40MPH and through some of the villages 30MPH.

Sadly the main road going past my door has no restriction whatsoever, in fact there is no speed limit posted from Melbost to Dell with the result that this stretch of road has become a bit of a speedway and since there is no pavement of any kind is a danger to pedestrians as well.

I have been increasingly concerned about the speed of traffic through the villages of North and South Galson for some time.

I also have been witness to some of the near misses and accidents on this stretch road - many not reported - even had a couple through the fence of my croft which runs beside the road doing considerable damage to the fence.

I have also witnessed the school bus being overtaken at the bus stop with the overtaking driver barely missing oncoming traffic in some cases and oncoming traffic having to do emergency stops to avoid collisions with the overtaking car.

I live in the constant fear that the bus which picks up my kids for school is going to be rear-ended by one of these speeding cars .

There is also the fact that there are several black spots and blind summits that all too often catch out the unwary driver in this stretch of road, not least the narrowness of it as you travel past my door I’ve seen a lot of mirrors clipped when two large vehicles pass each other, also there are three road junctions between Tum Na Ba and Loch Barabhat plus numerous driveways, which lead directly onto the main road.

Frankly I believe there is going to be a disaster on this stretch of road unless something is done about the speed of traffic on this road.

God forbid that it’s a school bus, pedestrian, or a child.

I’m told that the speed limit is 60mph out with the speed limit areas, well I’ve seen cars and vans go a lot faster and it’s getting worse.

So I suggest local councillors take note of all the villages between Barvas and Ness which have the benefit of speed limits and walkways.

Why should Galson be any different - you should fight for this before someone gets killed.

Drive Carefully!


South Galson

Isle of lewis


Parking in Stornoway Town Centre is on the discussion table at Comhairle nan Eilean Siar. With suggestions for a Christmas Park and Ride scheme - the idea being to draw more shoppers into the town centre and support local businesses.

The idea has been tried before but wasn’t deemed a success, due it is said, to a lack of promotion. The other idea to free up parking in town for shoppers is to introduce more Pay and Display machines. There was even a suggestion of a multi-storey car park.

It seems improving parking along Bayhead in recent years has not been enough to meet the demand for ever-more spaces. If more parking spaces for shoppers is the priority, what happens to those who work in town and need to park during 9 to 5 - will they end up paying for the privilege?

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