Gazette Letters 2/8/12


What God has joined together let not man put asunder.

The ordinances and commandments of God has served this world well from the beginning and throughout all generations since.

I believe they were set out to secure the well-being of the peoples of all nations, in all societies and in every culture.

It is a scary thought that through man’s arrogance in thinking that they are wiser than God and that tampering with the foundational structures of our society can lead to its strengthening.

I am aware that there are many and varied influences at work in our society today striving for the upper hand, but I also know that taking God ‘on’ is a serious and very risky business.

Going against the instruction of any guide manual will eventually lead to an inevitable breakdown.

If our Scottish Parliament are in the real business of creating prosperity and security for its people let’s begin with God’s prescriptive Guide which is his Word, which is ever current and relevant for helping us through the troubles of our age

Our country is heading to a crossroads situation with the looming Independence referendum. Let us stop and ponder a second. Do we really want to follow those whose main concern is that they feed an arrogant ego, are power mad and have little or no regard to the voice of the people they serve or more importantly to the word of God?

Let’s pray for those in authority that they may take time in the business and confusion of a troubled world to be still and experience what it is to know that he is God.

Torquil Macleod, Stornoway


After all the organisers have been congratulated and patted on the back for their wonderful work in making HebCelt 2012 a resounding success, I would question the fact that my great-nephew, who is two years old, had to pay an admittance fee of £25 for the Friday afternoon event in the Castle Grounds.

My nephew and his family were on holiday in Lewis that weekend to attend the festival and to visit family. They were happy to pay £33 for the adults but shocked and horrified at the child’s entrance fee.

Personally I feel very sad and disappointed that this had to happen in Lewis. I hope in the future the organisers will rectify this situation and children will be allowed to enjoy the festival without the financial burden on their families.

Iain Macleod, Achmore


We write with praise and thanks to local people of Stornoway for the kindness, courtesy and generous help given to us as first time visitors from West Wales.

In the late afternoon of the third day (a Friday) of a touring holiday our motor-home broke down.

We were clearly directed to Lava’s Garage but unfortunately they had closed for the weekend. Calum Maclennan of Maclennan Autos (who had a look at the van) tried to contact the manager for us and advised us to park up for as long as it took.

While we waited The Scottish Salmon Company opened up to get us water and in due course Iain Macleod (Lava’s) arrived later that evening.

Not only did Mr Macleod offer to open up especially for us on Saturday morning, he spent time with us and hooked up our motor-home to his electricity.

He reassured us about parking on his forecourt for the night and told us one of his team would be there first thing the next day to try to repair the motor-home.

Don Neil of Lava’s Autos gave up the first part of his Saturday fixing the fault and making sure the van was in good working order before bidding us farewell after the two hours’ comfortable wait.

We now have an indelible memory of the friendship and care shown to us at a period of concern and distress and we would like you to know of our appreciation of all those we have mentioned who went out of their way to help us.

We will certainly share our experience when back home and hope you can do likewise.

Susan and Elfin Williams, Camarthenshire


It was drawn to my attention and I was very sorry to note that one of the bands featured in the recent Heb Celt Festival was called ‘The Holy Ghosts’.

The phrase ‘The Holy Ghost’ is used in the Authorised Version of the Bible to describe the Third Person of the Godhead and its use as a means of catching attention and in the context of a music festival was bound to cause offence.

I hope the organisers of these events will in future take into consideration the sentiments of the whole community and not run the grave risk of taking the Name of the Lord in vain.

James Tallach, Stornoway,


It appears that the SPL remain at odds with Rangers over the issue of potential title-stripping due to alleged dual contracts to allow payments via a controversial scheme, which was at that time common practice in both Scotland and England.

Deceptively falsifying gate receipts and giving players ‘sweetners’ was covered by the secret ‘Biscuit Tin’.

There is no doubt that all Scottish premier teams should be investigated instead of Glasgow Rangers becoming the ‘scapegoat’ for all the others who are not ‘squeaky clean’ themselves!

With the temporary decline in economic activity hitting most of the shops, cafes, restaurants and licenced premises in Glasgow city centre one would assume that it was time for the SPL/SFA to move on and stopped behaving like school children.

Otherwise Scottish football will be doomed to past memories forever!

During the past 45 years I have attended hundreds of games at both Parkhead and Ibrox. Like many other football supporters it is doubtful if we will bother doing so again.

Donnie Morrison, Buckie


It is notable that in your report on the relative happiness of people in the Western Isles compared to other parts of the United Kingdom nothing is said about the beneficial influence the gospel of Christ has long had in the community (Gazette, 26 July).

Governments may provide “free” this and “free” that (none of which is really “free”) in an attempt to improve our well-being but the Bible says “happy is that people, whose God is the Lord”.

No amount of material wealth or carnal pleasure will ever make us truly content when we know that we must soon leave this world but the assurance that our sins are forgiven and that we have a place in heaventhrough the blood of Jesus is bound to bring peace and joy to the soul.

Of course Christians are not immune from trouble. Yet they find that the grace of God is sufficient for them at such times, strengthening them in their weakness and comforting them in their sorrow.

If our nation as a whole would return to the Lord in repentance and faith then it would be much happier as a result.

David Blunt (Rev.) Isle of North Uist


We read with concern the recent Tax Action report from which reveals that British taxpayers are not taking advantage of the help available to them and more than £7bn in means-tested tax credits is going unclaimed.

Our own research echoes these findings and discovered that two-thirds of those on low incomes in the UK were not claiming in-work benefits they may be entitled to, with a staggering 89% of those eligible unaware they were entitled.

This is the case despite the fact that two-thirds had experienced a fundamental change to their working conditions such as a decrease in working hours or a change in salary.

What makes this even more worrying is that of those who were claiming working tax credits, almost half said that should they stop, they would have to consider ceasing employment altogether, as it may actually lead to a reduction in their household income.

If work is to pay, increasing the take up of in-work benefits is vital. We believe the government needs to do more to improve the communication around the availability of tax credits and encourage employers to signpost their workers to such forms of financial support.

Our free and confidential website – has a Benefits Calculator which allows people to check their eligibility for welfare benefits and tax credits. We urge anyone who is unsure of the tax credits system or who has experienced a change in their circumstances to log on and see what they might be entitled to.

Rob Tolan

Elizabeth Finn Care

200 Shepherds Bush Road,

London W6 7NL