Gazette Letters 21.11.13

Gazette reader Tommy Stewart took this atmospheric photo of his dog Haggis on a walk along the Braighe
Gazette reader Tommy Stewart took this atmospheric photo of his dog Haggis on a walk along the Braighe

Sunrise on oil and gas industry

The Westminster Government and LabourParty MP Alisdair Darling et al keep reminding us that oil/gas reserves in Scottish waters are declining.

They fail to tell us that London has earmarked over 2,000 licensing blocks for sale in the Scottish North Atlantic Sea sector extending to Rockall and beyond which is predicted to contain two or three times the amount of oil and natural gas as the Scottish North Sea sector.

We should not listen to the Unionist scaremongering- there is no ‘sunset’on Scottish oil/gas - more like ‘Sunrise’.

In years to come,when your children and grandchildren are old enough to ask you what happened to their birthright, what will be your reply be?

As President Roosevelt once said: “Do not tell me that it is impossible.”

Donald J. Morrison,

20 Haig St.


Buckie, AB56 4NT

Lochboisdale to Mallaig Ferry

Well, the first trip (cancelled due to bad weather) has not been a good sign that this is going to be very successful long term for the people of South Uist and its hope of having a ferry to Mallaig.

So, perhaps now is the right time for all concerned, especially our councillors from Uist and Barra, and of course the Lochaber representatives to demand a new ferry that is appropriate for our weather conditions all year round.

Otherwise we will all still be at this stage ten years from now!

A new dedicated ferry with an appropriate hull design to plough through the sees of the Minch, which can travel in all weathers, save in the most extreme, of course. Be strong, make the problem clear and fix it! Otherwise this will never end and we shall have at least one, or two sailings a week cancelled

Angus Campbell,


South Uist

Looking for votes for Trees for life

I would like to ask readers to help save the UK’s equivalent of a rainforest from being lost forever and to protect its unique species from extinction.

They can do this by voting for Trees for Life in the Big Lottery and ITV People’s Millions contest on Thursday, November 28th.

Our award-winning conservation charity is restoring the ancient Caledonian Forest in the Highlands, for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.

We have been shortlisted in the People’s Millions to win £50,000 of Big Lottery funding .

The funding will be used for a pioneering training programme at Dundreggan Conservation Estate near Loch Ness – where every year hundreds of people will be able to learn how to restore native forests and transform their lives through close connections with nature.

This project will specifically benefit people from diverse backgrounds – including disadvantaged people such as those on low incomes or who are unemployed – from the remote rural region around Inverness, and from deprived urban areas in Inverness itself.

Many such people currently have limited access to healthy outdoor activities and training opportunities.

Voting is by telephone on November 28th.

The number to call will be announced on the day, including on our website

Up to 10 calls can be made from each phone (mobile or land line), at a cost of 11p from a landline.

Please make a lasting difference to Britain’s wonderful wildlife and wild places, and vote for us!

Alan Watson Featherstone

Executive Director, Trees for Life

The Park, Findhorn Bay

Forres, Moray, IV36 3TZ

never fails

His letter of 31 October ‘Elect on merit’ may have been a wee one but it was sufficient to show a bigger hole in Garry Otton’s heart as well as the heart of the Scottish Secular Society (SSS): together their hearts are empty and restless. So it is when one lives a life without God.

It is a life without meaning, without hope and without purpose. It would seem that Mr Otton’s little life revolves around ‘nothing’ – nothing to live for and nothing to die for, as he endeavours to further the cause of secularism in Scotland.

I take it that his atheistic agenda also attempts to remove all traces of Christianity from public life.

Can I assure him, with absolute confidence, with the unambiguous support of Biblical evidence, that it can never be done.

Lenin and Stalin’s deluded ideologies of secularism, humanism, communism and atheism miserably failed the people of Russia and left them without hope, both for this world and the world to come.

Christianity changes the destiny of a nation. This was what made Scotland the great nation that it once was. True Biblical Christianity has never failed anyone who has trusted in it. It never will.

Yes, sadly, many followers, even religious ones, have miserably failed it (and shame on them) but not once in history has the gospel of Christ failed any salvation seeking sinner.

The grace and mercy of God in Christ has, does and will forever make certain of that.

This is the Christianity, as recorded in the Bible, and experienced by those whose empty lives have been irrevocably changed, that our grand but broken country desperately needs, not the meaningless earthbound illusions which SSS presents and promotes.

A nation without God’s guidance and salvation is a nation without order, but “blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord”.

Mr Donald J Morrison

85 Old Edinburgh Road

Inverness, IV2 3HT