Gazette Letters 28/11/13

Beautiful Islands - Thomas Stewart sent us this autumnal image of trees taken at Stornoway Golf Club.
Beautiful Islands - Thomas Stewart sent us this autumnal image of trees taken at Stornoway Golf Club.


This is not a debate the Christian need have; because Christians should take their children out from the statist state education system and put them into Christian education.

Christians have covenant responsibilities and duties to their children, not to bring them up in the fear and admonition of the state, but of God.

Mankind creates a culture by his actions and life.

We either educate our children in terms of a godly culture and Christian worldview, thus fulfilling our covenant responsibilities and help preserve a Christian culture; or we hand them over to humanists/secularists who will educate our children in terms of ungodly learning and discipline, which will help build a humanist/secular culture that will enslave our children.

We cannot continually worship God only on a Sunday yet practice atheism for the rest of the week by sending our children to glorify the state and enjoy it all the days of their lives and thus not see a cultural shift from Christian to secular!

Choose this day whom you will follow.

Pat Elliott, Newvalley


Thank you to all who contributed to this year’s Scottish Poppy Appeal. The amount raised from Poppy trays, distributed by The Royal British Legion Scotland Uist Branch to retail and commercial businesses and schools on Benbecula, South Uist and Eriskay, was a magnificent TOTAL OF £1,519.87.

Additionally the 1st Battalion The Highlanders ACF, Benbecula Detachment, collected over £1,300 on Poppy Saturday street collections.

Funds raised by the annual appeal for Scottish Ex-Service Personnel and Veterans in need are allocated as follows;

Providing direct financial assistance to individuals.

Funding an advice service for the veteran’s community, including war pension appeals.

Providing grants and research for organisations that deliver specialist support for veterans in Scotland.

Supporting employment of veterans with disabilities.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated by the ex-service community in Scotland.

Nick Phillips, RBLS Uist Branch


I am a mature film student studying at the Scottish Screen Academy.

My parents are both native Gaelic speakers from Lewis and Harris.

Having been brought up as a monolingual English speaker, I have been trying to learn Gaelic for a large part of my adult life and have come to realise that, for many varied reasons, it is not an easy thing to achive.

As part of my studies, I am required to write a dissertation and the subject that I have chosen to write about is the difficulties encountered in learning Gaelic, Gaelic programming in the media (specifically film and television) with a view to finding possible solutions to the problems.

In order to achieve this I am conducting a survey which everyone, fluent speakers, learners or people without any Gaelic whatsoever are invited to participate in.

All views, both positive and negative are sought - if you have an opinion at all on the language, please participate. I am especially interested in hearing from people who had one or both parents who were native speakers.

It is a time sensitive issue as my deadline is the 20th of December, so prompt responses are required.

All respondents shall receive a copy of the dissertation and, as my final year film project will be a documentary based on my own experiences and findings, you may be invited to participate in the documentary should you so wish.

If you respond by emailing me at I shall immediately send you the questionnaire.

John-Angus Morrison,

Geddes Entry

The Royal Mile

Edinburgh EH1 1PT


The idea that somehow the UK Government could prevent an independent Scotland continue to use the pound is based on the mistaken belief that somehow the pound would be in the “ownership” of what remains of the rest of the UK. The pound is as much the currency of Scotland as it is of the rest of the UK

For an independent Scotland to continue to use the pound makes economic sense for both parties. The UK balance of trade deficit right now is £35billion a year and Scottish oil and gas exports amount to £30billion, with Scotland being the second biggest export market for the rest of the UK after the US.

For Scotland not to continue to use sterling would double the sterling zone trade imbalance and have a massive negative impact on the currency, destroying English jobs

Maintaining the currency union post independence will help Scotland with trade and energy sales to the rest of the UK, and in addition help the rest of the UK maintain the sterling zone’s balance of payments at a manageable level.

While the political union stopped working long ago in Scotland’s favour the currency union still makes sense and will be of equal benefit to both Scotland and the rest of the UK if maintained.

For the rest of the UK to try and prevent Scotland continue to use sterling would be tantamount to economic suicide, effectively cutting off its nose to spite its face.

Alex Orr, Edinburgh EH10 4JT

EDITORIAL - Need of a practical plan to care for elderly

How we care for our elderly as they grow older and in need of support is the question highlighted this week in our front page Bed Blocking story.

Currently 18 people are in hospital despite the fact that they need no medical care, because there is nowhere else for them to go and receive the support that they need.

Talks are in progress between the Council and the Health Board about financing this care, but as yet no solution has been forthcoming.

There are two concerns in this story, one that beds at the hospital are currently out of action because the people using them do not have need of medical attention, the other is that the people involved are not being cared for correctly, being in hospital is not the best scenario for them and they need to be in a more social situation.

Action on this point needs to happen quickly and a practical policy devised for the future, as this problem is only set to get worse with an aging islands’ population.

If you would like to comment, or write a letter on this topic, or any other please contact me at: