Gazette Letters - Disregard

So the Western Isles Council has summarised in its report that the streetlights in Stornoway would be too costly to switch off during the summer months, and concluded with the safety aspect of the idea stating “In any case, a complete switch-off of streetlights during the summer months would have implications for the safety of vehicular traffic and pedestrians using the roads and pavements.”

With all the streetlights in the southern isles already being switched off at 11pm, and all year round, this is a shocking statement of the disrespect and utter disregard in which this present council has for the residents of the southern isles, they surely now can not be called ‘The Western Isles Council’, but should be renamed ‘The Lewis Council’.

What is not deemed safe and acceptable in Lewis, in their view, should not be a problem elsewhere.

Questions have to be asked regarding this issue Mr Campbell, we await your reply.

Donald Morrison,