Gazette Letters - Lewis Sports Centre Sunday Opening

Many people seem to think that having the Sport Centre open on a Sunday is a good idea, whereas I do not.

I’ve been brought up to see Sundays as a family day, which I have passed on to my 7 children and hopefully they will continue the same. In my younger days, we’d go to the beach on a Sunday afternoon, visit family, go for walks, or stay inside and read, watch tv, play games etc...

Sunday in the Western Isles should remain the same as it always has been, different from the rest of the world. A lot of people come to the Islands just for this, to experience the Sunday serenity.

Please keep the Sports Centre closed on a Sunday.

It did me no harm having this, my local sports centre closed on a Sunday.

I was part of the Team that swam from Ullapool to Stornoway in 2012.

I was the first person to swim the sounds of Barra & Harris in 24 hours.

I captained the St. Kilda Swim Team.

I recently swam from Lemreway to the Shiants.

And there are plenty more fund raising swims planned for the future.

Colin Macleod