Gazette letters May 31st

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Good to hear from readers

It was a great joy for us to be in Stornoway at the beginning of May this year, as a follow up from our ‘Journey of the Christian Faith’ visit in the summer of 2008, that took us from Stornoway to across the UK visiting 40 cities and towns finishing in London, as a proclamation of the Christian faith and to share this with the many people that we met in busy shopping malls and through various radio stations.

Our recent visit to Scotland took us to Cumbernauld, Aberdeen, Inverness, Portree and Stornoway sharing again on radio stations. It was good to be able to meet up again with Calum Campbell of Isles FM radio and to take part in the two hour GLOW programme on the 3 May and to record a series of ‘morning thoughts’.

The reason for our visit to Scotland was to share as to past Christian revivals that have taken place, especially the 1949 Lewis revival that commenced in the Barvas area and to also share the Christian faith. It was interesting for us to visit Rev William Macleod in his Barvas home and to chat with him as to his recollections to the 1949 revival, as he was there at that time and was converted to Christianity as a young man and subsequently became ordained in the ministry.

It would be good if we could hear from your readers as to their recollections or thoughts as to past revivals in the Hebrides.




I have been fostering with my wife Julie for 17 years and can honestly say it is so rewarding that we wouldn’t consider doing anything else.

We believe that every child deserves a good start in life and I feel so proud to have been able to make a difference to the lives of so many children.

However, foster care is under pressure. A child now comes into care and needs fostering every 22 minutes. This means thousands more foster carers are urgently needed across the UK.

So, I would urge anyone who has ever thought about fostering to get in touch with their local fostering service today or visit to find out more.

It could be one of the most important and rewarding decisions you ever make.


The Fostering Network, London SE1 8HA


In our day there is much debate about who has the right to marry whom. But what are the foundations of these ‘human’ rights? Do they have legitimacy?

The Christian view is that man was created by God. We are all descended from the same common ancestor and our race continues in an unbroken line from him. We are man-kind.

And man will remain this kind until our Creator brings this chapter of history to a conclusion. All men are therefore equal. And yes, man the creature has rights.

These rights inhere from our Creator. They are endowed and not innate. These rights are circumscribed by the Word of God, His holy law. Man only has the right to be what God has commanded him to be. And these are truly universal rights, for the law of God applies equally to all men.

These rights do not conflict or compete, for God’s law is a seamless, perfectly integrated whole.

But what of man the animal? Man who emerged proud from the primordial swamp through fish and ape.

He may claim his rights but have they foundations? Are they built on any more than billions of years of death and decay?

Can a product of evolution still evolving legitimately assert that all men are equal? Can he claim that we are all of one? And who is to define these ‘rights’?

Who is to speak authoritatively for this mass? Who has the right to impose and enforce? Who is to arbitrate between the rights and the wrongs or give preference to one right over another?

In the final analysis for rights to be universal they must exist objectively and absolutely. Now we have such a universal charter in the Word of God.

All men of all races and cultures may appeal to God’s law and court. But if we reject the declaration He framed and assert instead the claims of man, then, despite all man’s clamour, charters and courts, ultimately, he has no rights.



There are huge numbers of older people in the community who do tremendous work volunteering their time to help others.

WRVS, in partnership with The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, has launched a search to find ‘Diamond Champions’, volunteers over the age of 60 who make a real difference to the lives of older people, and whose efforts deserve to be celebrated.

Sixty people will be shortlisted from Scotland and from that shortlist, a judging panel will select 10 people from each region in the UK to join 70 others at a royal residence to meet Their Royal Highnesses, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall in the autumn.

We are asking people to nominate older people they think should be recognised for their work in the community by going to


WRVS Head of Services for Scotland

Cardiff CF23 8RP


It is indeed a great occasion this year in the history of the British Isles and its own loyal Queen now attaining 60 years on the throne!

However, it’s with much disappointment that I learned that our own Local Authority made the descision not to mark the day, or to make it a holiday for local folks and the schools.

It’s rather sad to see this kind of political ill will in a small [Christian] community like our Isles, when I note that some other days that are observed are nowhere as valuable or important for the British Isles.

I believe the descision was very much ‘fait accompli’.

This a great day for all the Queen’s people to reflect upon this wonderful lady, who has been bestowed with so many good virtues for her very important office in life.

I find it disapointing on the fact that this will reflect upon future generations, and it’s a clear statement from our leaders and Scotland in general of how much all this is drawn from the deeply socialistic engineered society that now prevails.

Over and above all that I feel and believe the work and values that our forefathers held are slowly being desecrated, and on the other end of the spectrum we are going to leave a rather wicked legacy to our children and grandchildren with the current type of agendas being pursued by the majority of rather unwise, and un-christian organisations.

Today in the UK we have leaders and agencies that have no real values or principles in their lives, and by the looks of things its almost rampant worldwide also.

To be blunt the only values and principles I witness is people making grottos out of their homes and who live in a selfish bubble where the car, the checkbook, and the grotto, are the beginning and the end of any values they do have.

So, in all my Christian belief and in much humility to the good Lord and our blessed Queen, on this special occasion I wish her Majesty the very best of health in her work and life.

She has conducted matters for us so gracefully and is a true servant not just of the country but also to God whom she honours and worships.

ANGUS CAMPBELL, Isle of South Uist