Gazette Letters - Nuclear deterrent

We live in a dangerous and unstable world, and don’t know what threats the future may bring. By saying now that he would refuse to press the nuclear button, the extremist left-winger Jeremy Corbyn has placed the credibility of our nuclear deterrent in danger.

We must stop this rot now. We must demand that everyone who operate Trident sign a document saying that he personally would press the button. Likewise all those who work on the submarines, whose jobs we must save at all costs, must also sign this document.

In fact, we can go futher. There should be an online petition signed by all those sensible moderate people who say we need an independent nuclear deterrent to maintain our policy of nuclear deterrence with a minimum credible deterrent because we really need a deterrent to stop all those nasty people who have nuclear bombs and are prepared to use them.

I am rather occupied at present, but I hope that some passionate and patriotic Trident supporter would organise such a petition.

Brian Quail

Glasgow G11 5BW