Gazette Letters - Pontoon Systems in Western Isles

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In common with many others, South Harris Community Council wholeheartedly welcomes the news of the funding recently agreed for the pontoon project in Tarbert and Scalpay.

We wish the organisers every success in attracting the balance of funding they require to make this very worthy, and much needed, project a reality.

We have, however, noticed that several media reports of this success describe the project as “completing the chain of…” such projects.

Our concern is that such comments could be taken to indicate that there is no further need, or aspirations, for other similar projects in the Western Isles. This is not the case.

For example, in the Harris Plan, which has recently been completed, projects for a similar but smaller pontoon system has been proposed for Rodel harbour and for a marina facility at Leverburgh harbour.

These projects are at the “consideration” stage but we would not want funding applications in the future to be jeopardised on the basis that it is considered that “ the chain of pontoon systems in the Western Isles is complete”.

Those that know the Western Isles will appreciate that there are many “ jewels” scattered throughout our islands where such marine facilities could provide incalculable enhancement to the economy of the locality and also of the whole Western Isles.

We hope that everyone will keep an open mind as to the need for other such projects.

Alan Ross

Chair South Harris

Community Council