Gazette Letters - SNP are not first class!

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The Gazette is always a first-class read.

It well-balances the serious with the less so, and your columnist Peter O’Donnell’s hilarious tale of his encounter with a busker was a fine example of the latter (Gazette 26.07.18).

But as for Angus MacNeil MP’s contribution about Scotland not being a priority for the UK government (Gazette 26.07.18) I fear he talks nonsense.

Nothing unusual in that though for they all talk nonsense in the SNP.

As regards he and his colleagues following leader Ian Blackford out of Prime Minister’s Questions, how embarrassing a spectacle that proved to be.

I suspect the majority of folk would have watched news footage of the incident in disbelief as the SNP rabble exited the chamber.

That little stunt made a laughing-stock of Scotland and her people.

What must the rest of the UK think of us?

I cringe every time Ian Blackford rises to speak, as indeed I cringed when his predecessor Angus Robertson took the floor.

It seems the SNP’s sole aim at Westminster is to cause as much disruption as possible, seeking only to advance their independence agenda and break-up the union.

Keith Fernie