Gazette Letters - taxes

It is rather bemusing to note the Scottish Tories claim that because the SNP, if re-elected, will not reduce the threshold for the 40p higher tax rate, Scotland will somehow become the “highest taxed” part of the UK and lead to individuals heading south.

What this neglects to mention, for the 10 per cent of the working population paying this rate, is the considerable other benefits living in Scotland brings.

For example, there are no prescription charges, unlike south of the border where patients have to pay £8.40. In Scotland eye tests are free, where as in England they cost an average of between £20 and £30. South of the border students pay £9,000 to go to university, whereas young people in Scotland pay no fees.

It would be rather strange that someone would uproot themselves and their family and move to England, especially with the considerable benefits here, to save income tax amounting to £323 a year, the equivalent of less than 90p a day.

This election will establish what sort of nation we want to live in, one which starves vital public services as envisaged by the Tories, or one which will see £1 billion of investment through foregoing this tax cut.

Alex Orr

Edinburgh EH10 4JT