GB Oil’s response to OFT statement

GB Oils have released a statement following the news that the OFT is to launch a formal investigation into the distribution of road fuels in the Western Isles by GB Oils Limited - which also trades under the name Scottish Fuels.

The statement says: “GB Oils notes the OFT statement this afternoon that it has launched a preliminary investigation into the contractual arrangements between GB Oils and retail petrol stations on the Western Isles of Scotland.

“The OFT ended its review into pricing differentials for road fuels between the Western Isles and the mainland last year and concluded that no further action was necessary.

“The current preliminary investigation is understood not to be related to its previous pricing review.

“The investigation is at a very early stage. The OFT has made a number of requests for information to relevant parties, and there is no reason at this stage to believe that it will proceed further to a full investigation.

“GB Oils is co-operating fully with the OFT to assist them with their assessment as to whether to launch a full investigation into whether there has been an infringement of the Chapter II prohibition.”