Give ‘Maisie’ a home for New Year

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Abandoned and left for dead on the streets of a Bulgarian town, this young dog had little chance of survival – however thanks to an animal-loving family on the Isle of Lewis, her future is now looking much brighter.

Karen Cowan and her family, who live in Stornoway, responded to an urgent appeal from Colonel Angels Bulgarian Streetdogs charity to provide a foster home for 11 month old Maisie and she was transported thousands of miles to her new loving home.

With lots of care and attention, she has settled in to her foster home but the Cowans are hoping a permanent home can be found for her in the new year.

Karen said: “Maisie is just wonderful and after everything she’s been through it’s amazing what a fantastic loving dog she is. Although she is only 11 months old so still learning, she’s an intelligent wee girl who deserves the best home possible.”

Maisie was rescued by British ex-pat Jacquie New who pulled out all the stops to save her and find her a way out of Bulgaria. She lives in the eastern European country and has worked for many years with the Colonel Angels charity.

Explaining more about the problem of stray dogs in Bulgaria she said: “Bulgaria has in excess of three million street dogs, with the birth rate currently being not short of 100 per cent and to exacerbate that problem there are also many previously ‘owned’ dogs that are just dumped because they are no longer wanted.

“Many are kept on very short chains their entire lives and barely fed or if they are on the street then they are routinely shot and poisoned.”

She added: “Maisie was a previously ‘owned’ dog and had spent her entire life on a chain, the mark was clearly visible around her neck and for whatever reason she found her way to our door where we luckily were in a position to help her.”

Jacqui is a fine artist and illustrator and uses her talent to raise funds to rescue dogs like Maisie.Her appeal through Facebook struck a nerve with Karen who had seen previous posts about dogs urgently needing homes and her friend on the mainland had provided a home for another Bulgarian dog.

Karen said: “Maisie left Bulgaria on a Saturday morning and my husband picked her up in Inverness. The journey was mostly done by volunteers picking her and other dogs up and transporting them a bit of the way, like a relay of people dedicated to giving these dogs a chance at a better life.”

Although Maisie has settled in very well with the Cowan family, she is in need of a new permanent home. If you think you can help, contact Karen Cowan on 01851 701074, text 07917888966 or email

To find out more about the charity visit and to see Jacquie fundraising artwork visit or