Glowing reports for Ravenspoint Gaelic courses

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More of the acclaimed courses for Gaelic learners will be held this year at Ravenspoint, South Lochs but the organisers (Co-Chomunn na Pairc) are at pains to point out that you do not have to be from France, Ireland, Spain, or Japan to come along!

The courses are open to people of all ages living on the island as well as visitors and combine formal ULPAN lessons with informal visits to listen to and practise spoken Gaelic in the community – a Gaelic church service with Gaelic psalms, the Comunn Eachdraidh, the Gaelic Medium Unit at the local school, people’s homes, and a community ceilidh.

This blend has proved highly attractive to students from all over the world, and already Ravenspoint has bookings from Japan, Spain, and Brittany for the 2013 courses – which will be held in March and July. A highly complimentary article about Ravenspoint appeared in the Irish Times last August, and other testimonials from previous students are equally glowing.

Here are a couple of extracts:

“Does everything really start and end with a song? The last evening was that of the musical ceilidh. We gathered in the classroom transformed in a community room. Unless it was the reverse? It was a time for performance: there was singing and accordion, the small pipes by Iain of the Glen. The group of students sang “An Ataireachd Ard”, recitation by young Calum Nicolson followed. Then it was the turn of Ruth, his truly

charming sister’s turn, alone, then accompanied by brother Angus. Iain MacKay sang Lewis’s national anthem. I thought it was the end. But then we sang Psalm 23 (“Is e Dia fein a’s buachaill dhomh...”) as we had in Pairc Free Church at the beginning of our stay. I was proud to join in. I was proud to be among them, who had welcomed us unconditionally. I had found the Gaelic I was looking for, the voice and heart of the land we love and it was thanks to the most real aristocrats I had ever met: wise, caring for and sharing their food, their time, their language.”

“Ravenspoint is located in one of the most spectacularly beautiful parts of the Outer Hebrides. The local people have a rich and vibrant Gaelic-speaking tradition. They are a faith-filled people with a profound love of God, their neighbours and strangers. You will be respected, affirmed and greatly enriched by this community, however brief your stay in their midst.”

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