Gold star for new school says Head

The brand new gym hall had the youngsters literally jumping for joy.
The brand new gym hall had the youngsters literally jumping for joy.

SGOIL an Rubha Head teacher Calum Maclean believes the new school has ‘galvanised’ the whole district of Point since opening.

The new community school this week opened its doors to parents to come along with pupils to see the brand new facility which has been hailed a huge success since welcoming pupils from Knock, Aird and Bayble to create a centralised community campus for the whole district.

Mr Maclean said: “I think the new school has galvanised the whole community together. This is something you can see here tonight and it is the first time parents from pupils across Primary One to Three and from the Gaelic classes have come together and there’s a real feeling of togetherness.

“I was speaking to a parent earlier who told me their kids want to come to school in the morning because they love it. You can see all the things they can do at interval times, the play-areas and the places they can sit in and talk to their pals. Everything is great about the school.

“Another parent told me the school is beyond their expectations and they said they had never seen anything like it before.

“The technology is amazing with the learning walls, mobile netbooks, laptops in every classroom, everything is wireless, smartboard technology and everything else. It is a real modern learning environment,” he continued.

“The kids here have all come from three different schools and areas and we wondered if they would all gel together but since day one they did and they did that because of the school.”

Parents of pupils at the new facility have also been wowed with Ally Fairgreaves, who has a son in Primary One, saying: “It is a really fantastic place, a great school. I went to Aird and Bayble myself back in my day but bringing everyone together is a great idea.

“This gives the kids so many opportunities and it is great to have a good look around it now too. If the new Nicolson Institute is half as good as this it will be a great school too.”

Calum Macaulay, whose son Cailean is in P2, added: “It looks great and there are big changes since I went to school in Point. I would have loved these facilities and to be able to come here every day and it something which is good for the whole community.”