Golden Eagle nest watch in Uist

Soaring high in the hunt. Picture courtesy of the RSPB
Soaring high in the hunt. Picture courtesy of the RSPB
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RSPB Scotland is inviting people to come along and watch an active golden eagle nest on the Island of North Uist.

Every Thursday evening, RSPB staff will be available to show and explain the coming and goings at the nest.

They will be watching the nest (which is almost a mile away) through telescopes, which will cause no disturbance to the birds.

Golden eagles and their nests are specially protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act and nest sites should not be approached at this time of year.

The chicks fledge after ten weeks; even when they have fledged, they generally stay around the nest site for a further few weeks.

Over twenty pairs of golden eagles nest on the Uist’s making it, along with Lewis and Harris one of the best places in the UK to see them.

The chick at this nest is between two – three weeks old. They feed on a wide range of food from small mammals to birds.

Evening watches will be taking place from the small quarry opposite the Griminis pier turn on the main A865 road at the north end of North Uist.

The public are invited to to view the nest on any Thursday evening 7.30pm – 9.30pm