Golf club win Sunday legal challenge

Stornoway Golf Club have won their legal battle to open on Sunday.

Following an appeal hearing at Inverness Sheriff Court last month, Acting Sheriff Principal Charles Stoddart tonight (Tuesday) ruled in favour of the golf club.

Stornoway Golf Club spokesman, Ken Galloway told the Gazette: “The court has granted, with immediate effect, a variation of Premises Licence which will permit the Club to sell alcohol to members and guests during defined hours on Sundays, with no Sunday off-sales provision.

“The Court found the Western Isles Licensing Board liable to the Club in the expenses of the appeal. The written judgment reverses the decision taken by the Board at the original hearing in Stornoway on 28 July 2010.”

The golf club applied for a Sunday extension on two separate occasions last year and were refused by the Western Isles Licensing Board on health grounds.