Good reasons to tackle energy wastefulness in your own home

We live in a clean, beautiful environment, but our emissions matter. They all go up into the same global atmosphere.
We live in a clean, beautiful environment, but our emissions matter. They all go up into the same global atmosphere.

In my last column I talked of the Climate Change Bill passed by the Scottish Parliament and given Royal Assent.

It’s now law. But a law passed by Parliament has to be translated into action, not just be the arm of the state, but by us all, in order to be successful.

Do we need a law to tell us to conserve energy? It wasn’t that long ago (well, maybe more than I care to remember) that I would have been given a clip around the ear for wasting energy. Apparently, that is dealt with by another law parliament has passed!

I think there are better reasons to conserve energy and cut carbon emissions these days which don’t involve walloping.


Why spend money unnecessarily? For any household, a well insulated, draught proofed home, with the correct use of heating systems, paying a reasonable renewable energy tariff can save more than £600 a year, more with the cheapest tariff. This is compared to another, uninsulated household who are unsure about how to set their heating controls, and who are paying a standard tariff.

Be honest, do you know how to run your heating system most efficiently?

Do you know what could be done to your home and whether any support is there to make it happen?

Do you have a friend or relative who might need advice, support, or even things done to their home which could help – especially if it can be installed for free, or very cheaply?

Would you prefer to buy energy efficient appliances to reduce costs?


Who wants to throw rubbish in the street or out of a car window? And yet unnecessary emissions from wasted energy are doing just that.

Don’t be fooled into thinking because we live in a clean, beautiful environment, our emissions do not matter. They all go up into the same global atmosphere.

In our community we have wonderful resources from the wind and sun. There are technologies which can be delivered at a community level, but there are also ones which can be done at household level too. Think of these as an environmental investment which has considerable economic advantage.

But it’s not all technology – you can buy energy from a company which only produces from a renewable source, see or ring 0800 610 2449.


When given dominion over ‘fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth’, surely this meant stewardship not waste?

Eco Congregation Scotland is a campaign which states that aims to: “Approach environmental issues through Christian ‘lenses’ and offers valuable ethical and spiritual dimensions that may contribute to environmental work both within and outside the church. It is also an approach filled with hope.

“So often, environmental issues are dealt with against a background of fear and threat. We should stop doing activity ‘x’ because otherwise environmental problem ‘y’ will happen.

“Without minimising the gravity, scale or urgency of environmental issues, the starting point for caring for the Earth for Christians is as a proper response to a loving, creating God. Caring for creation is a key Christian task”.

You can find out about their work at this website or ring 0131 240 2274.

So I hope I have given you the reasons why you can take action in your home.

The good news is there is help, free and impartial, which can guide you to make your home more efficient and you to make your life more environmentally friendly.

Energy in Transition is a project which helps folk across the islands with all things energy and climate change.

The project officers Alana and Finlay can be contacted via Tighean Innse Gall on 01851 706 and can visit you in the home.

You can also pledge to cut your own emissions by signing up at the website: