Grant for Callanish Farm

WESTERN Isles councillors are to consider giving £70,000 to an ambitious community project.

Urras Tac Chalanais is a not for profit organisation managed by six directors elected from the residents of Callanish.

They are proposing to develop the site at Callanish Farm to include 50 campervan utility points and 50 tent pitches including five star standard facilities.

They also propose to have a croft heritage centre which will demonstrate traditional crofting practices as well as stocking rare breeds and growing some crops. Access paths, forestry and landscaping will be carried out utilising the entire 75 hectare site.

The Trust was formed in 2006 after the site was gifted to them by Edinburgh University who previously used it as an Archaeological Research Centre.

The Comhairle were considering an award of £50,000 from the Community Land Resources Development Programme (CLRDP) and a further £20,000 from the Tourism in the Community Fund.