Greenpeace boat capsizes in Minch


A GREENPEACE boat capsized in the Minch when crews were attempting to obstruct a deep sea trawler boat from fishing.

The crew were unharmed and are continuing their work to monitor the Spanish and French deep sea fishing fleets.

David Ritter, Oceans Campaign, Greenpeace UK said: “The Arctic Sunrise is in the area monitoring the Spanish and French deep sea fishing fleets. These fleets engage in deep sea bottom trawling, which is one of the most wasteful and destructive forms of fishing. These fleets are only economically viable because they are heavily supported by EU taxpayer subsidies under the disastrous Common Fisheries Policy.”

He added: “On Wednesday morning, one of the inflatable boats carried by the Arctic Sunrise tipped over in rough seas whilst trying to prevent a French deep sea bottom trawler from fishing by attaching a device to her nets which prevents them from opening. The crew were unharmed, and were picked up by their crewmates in another inflatable boat.”