Gritting cover in place if Jack Frost bites

Winter on the way.
Winter on the way.

A mistake in the tendering process for winter maintenance contracts has meant the Comhairle have had to start the process again.

Fears that there would not be cover in the event of early wintry weather conditions were allayed by the Comhairle on Tuesday as they confirmed that interim maintenance contracts would be advised on Wednesday (yesterday).

At the time of going to press, this was expected to take place.

Chair of the Transportation Committee, Cllr Donald Manford said last week: “The Transportation Committee has, and takes very seriously, the responsibility to ensure that cover is in place for severe winter weather. It is regrettable, though prudent, that the contracts process had to be discontinued.”

On Tuesday this week he said: “I am pleased to say that the successful tenderers for the interim winter maintenance contracts will be advised on Wednesday.”

Although the Comhairle may not have had a contractor in place to grit the roads up to this point, they do have a lot of salt ready to go.

A spokesperson said: “We have in excess of 10,700 tonnes salt at our depots and awaiting a further delivery of 4500 tonnes expected around the end of November. Our salt use for last winter was in the region of 12,600 tonnes.”

Forcasters are predicting another very cold winter could be on its way and so it is hoped that the contracts for winter maintenance for the season ahead will be in place soon.