Guarantee more important that PO structure, says Isles MP

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Structural plans for the Post Office are not as important as a guarantee from from the UK Government of future business, which they have so far refused to give, Isles MP, Angus MacNeil said today.

Commenting on the publication of the report on the possible mutual structure for the Post Office network published by the UK government, Mr MacNeil said without that guarantee the Post Office network will be “at significant risk” and there will a major lack of incentive for much needed new investment.

A long time supporter of the Post Office network, Mr MacNeil remarked: “The idea of a mutual Post Office network is not in itself a bad one, certainly far better than any straight privatisation, but the absolutely vital point for the future of the network is whether it will continue to receive business from the Royal Mail delivery system after privatisation.

“Throughout this process the SNP has been pressing the UK government to guarantee the post office network the business from a privatised mail delivery company for a lengthy period, giving it a stable environment for investment.

“The Tories and Lib-Dems continue to refuse to grant such an agreement with the result it is still far from certain what level of business will be available for sub post offices should privatisation of the delivery system proceed. This leads to huge uncertainty and lack of confidence for investment.”

He went on that there remains a real danger that the Post Office network could be devastated by the privatisation of the delivery service, adding: “The UK government must not be allowed to use mutualisation of the network as an excuse to ditch that responsibility.”