Guga petition soars to over 65,000

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A petition to ban the traditional Guga Hunt which has been distributed online has picked up almost 65,000 signatures – and attracted a host of absurd comments.

The recently launched petition is accompanied by a blurb which discusses the recent World Guga Eating Championships which they label as ‘a grotesque gannet chick eating contest.’

Many of those who have put their name to the petition don’t appear to have looked into the tradition and are basing their dismay at the hunt purely on the misleading blurb with many commenting on how ‘live gannets’ are being eaten.

Most of the ‘signatures’ on the petition come from around the world from as far afield as South America, South Africa, Japan and France – many countries which are known to have controversial food practices of their own.

In France for example their foie gras has caused huge fall-outs with many attempting to ban the delicacy which is made from the liver of fattened geese or ducks.

The production of the pâté involves the force-feeding of ducks or geese, known to create fatty livers which can swell up to 10 times their normal size.

Live sushi is a practice which is enjoyed in Japan which involves filleting the meat from a bottom half of the animal and laying it onto the top half, while it is still alive and moving before being eaten.

The World Guga Eating Championships was a festive contest involving members of the local community which used only Guga that had already been landed as part of the allowed annual quota.

Fully licenced and approved, the Guga Hunt is an ancient Ness tradition which dates back up to 500-years.

A spokesperson for the Social Club, where the Guga Eating Championships were held, said: “There have been many and varied inaccuracies reported over the past weeks relating to the competition held in our private members club.

“Rather than address them all individually we would take this opportunity to thank all those who are genuinely informed for their patience in this matter.

“We would also seek to clarify that it has nothing whatsoever to do with Ness Football Club whom we feel have been misrepresented.”

Some of the comments by people signing up to the petition are below. Let us know what you think.

Eating innocent baby animals just for “Contest”? just for “FUN”? Killing living creatures for fun? It is OBVIOUSLY, CERTAINLY, UNDENIABLY, UNQUESTIONABLY DISGUSTING THING EVER.

Some “traditions” just have no place in this world any longer. This appears to be one of them. Food eating contests are gluttonous and disgusting. Find something else to do with your spare time.

Please ban this horrible tradition immediately! Thèse chicks do not deserve such barbaric treatment at the hands of a couple of people who find torturing and murdering innocent animals ‘amusing’. Please, if you have any decency, ban this tradition immediately!

This is ridiculous! How about a pie eating contest instead, or if meat is a must, how about eating chicken instead? Honestly- this is just disgusting! Leave these wild birds alone and eat something else instead!