Harris Tweed all “dolled up”

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HARRIS Tweed has been ‘dolled up’ to celebrate next week’s Royal Wedding.

A host of leading British designers have come together to create the ‘Princess Catherine Doll’ which showcases the best of authentic British fashion and design and includes Harris Tweed in the lining of the box.

Already flying off the shelves, there are only 10,000 dolls being sold and they are expected to become a must for Royal Wedding collectors.

For every doll sold, £1 is donated to the charity Help for Heroes which supports British soldiers wounded in conflict.

The product has been launched by Champions of British Style which is a new British brand brought to the market by Arklu Ltd.

Lucie Follett from the company said they were delighted to include Harris Tweed in the design.

“We have worked closely with Lorna Macaulay of the Harris Tweed Authority. We are very pleased to be associated with the HTA on this product; I am personally very much a fan of Harris Tweed and as creator of the doll, this is something I really wanted to incorporate, not least as I am supportive of such craftsmanship and think that any way to keep it in the public eye can only be a good thing.”

The company say the use of Harris Tweed design was in recognition of the fact that Kate and Prince William met in Scotland and that the Royals have a long tradition of wearing Harris Tweed.

The doll was launched in London’s Hamley’s store earlier this month and is to be launched in New York’s Times Square next week.

Commenting on the Harris Tweed Authority’s involvement in the project, Chief Executive Lorna Macaulay said: “We were pleased to support the project by providing a print of Harris Tweed to line the box in which the doll sits as clearly the Royal family, including Kate Middleton herself, have been great supporters of our industry for many years and also because a significant proportion of all profits from sale of the doll will go to the Help for Heros charity. “I expect the doll will sell in huge numbers globally and it is simply another nice PR opportunity for Harris Tweed to be profiled as one of the UK’s leading luxury brands.”

On the box there is some information about Harris Tweed and also the HTA.

Seven British designers have dressed and accessorised the doll including Pussy Willow in London who created The Catherine Dress; Katherine Elizabeth Milinery who designed the Bucklebury Fascinator named after the Berkshire villlage where Kate Middleton comes from.

The doll’s ring was created by British jewellery designer Babette Wasserman and the Eaton Clutch Bag is an exact replica of the one Kate has been seen with on several occasions.

The shoes are evocative of Beatrix Ong shoes and include a miniature logo on the insole and the make up look of the doll was led by world famous make up artist Louise Constrad.

The dolls are available to buy from Hamleys, Harrods, The Entertainer, Play.com, Amazon, Tesco Online and www.arklu.com