Health and Social Care Integration

A multi-agency seminar was held last week (July 17) on Health and Social Care Integration, involving Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, NHS Western Isles and Third Sector representatives, as well as representatives from the Scottish Government.

The following is a joint statement from NHS Western Isles and Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, following the event: “Last week’s seminar was a major step forward in plans to progress the Health and Social Care Integration agenda in the Western Isles.

“Both the Comhairle and the Health Board shared and discussed each other’s views on the different models for Health and Social Care Integration.

“What was clear from discussions is the shared objective of the Comhairle, Health Board and Third Sector to improve outcomes for service users through working in partnership to develop local solutions to the challenges we face.

“The seminar also gave the organisations the chance to discuss and understand the current areas of successful joint working across the Western Isles and to clarify the process that will be established to develop a joint integration plan.

“Scottish Government representatives were also invited to attend and they provided a welcome overview of new legislation, and noted the need to agree the model soon.

“Both the Comhairle and the Health Board have given a commitment to consider last week’s discussions further, with a view to reaching an agreed position by September.”