An award-winning spa in Alexandria to unwind Christmas stress

Carrick Spa
Carrick Spa

Cares are washed away and wellbeing restored at Cameron House’s award-winning spa

The treatment

The new 75 minute Vichy Experience at the Carrick Spa, Cameron House, Alexandria, Dunbartonshire. Quote Scotsman when booking and, for £119pp, you’ll get this treatment, a two hour thermal and hydro experience in the spa, plus a two course lunch in the Spa Cafe. This offer is available until 25 March 2016, after which the price will be £119 for the treatment alone. A £30 supplement applies at weekends.

Why go?

The Carrick Spa has just won three Spa Traveller Awards in the Scotland category: Best Day Spa; Best for a Spa Day and Best for Spa Breaks. It may be time to visit and discover why its trophy cabinet is looking so cluttered.

Our spy says

Once I’ve prised myself out of this spa’s rooftop Hydropool, I’m collected in the waiting area by my therapist Michelle. She guides me through into the specially adapted treatment room (with drains in the floor), where the Vichy shower awaits.

I kick off my flip flops and gown, and it’s into the paper pants and up onto the wooden table, lying face down.

The long shower-like contraption, which shoots warm jets of water at targeted sections of the body, is switched on and Michelle scrubs my back and limbs with an ESPA Invigorating Salt Scrub containing sweet almond oil and menthol. This is diluted with a drizzle of the same spa brand’s Fitness Oil, then rinsed off by the warm water, before Michelle gives me a thorough massage using knuckles and the heels of her hands to loosen up every niggly knot.

I’m turned over for the same treatment on my back, with a modesty towel in position and a bolster under my knees.

At this point, I’m barely conscious, which I put down to a combination of the steamy warmth, the sound of the running water, and Michelle’s ministrations with geranium scented oils.

The treatment finishes with a gentle facial. I’m cleansed, scrubbed, and a light mask is applied, then I undergo a fab scalp massage (in my experience, 80 per cent of scalp massages are rubbish, but this is a rare goodie).

Once the mask is removed, I’m anointed with ESPA’s Replenishing Face Treatment Oil and a dot of mandarin scented lip balm, then Michelle helps me up to a sitting position, when I’m wrapped in a hot fluffy towel and left to get back up to standing (a bit like a newborn calf).

The results

I’m more chilled than Santa, when he got home yesterday, frozen after 24 hours of deliveries. Just leave me in the relaxation room and collect me when…..zzzzzz.

• Carrick Spa, Cameron House, Alexandria, Dunbartonshire, 01389 727 647,