Improved Western Isles access to NHS dentists

Figures released Wednesday by ISD Scotland show that more Western Isles people than ever before are registered with an NHS dentist.

In the Western Isles an extra 5,147 people have registered with an NHS dentist since March 2007. Now over 58 per cent of adults, or 15,290 people, are registered across the health board.

Across Scotland just over 83 per cent of children aged three to five are now with an NHS dentist – topping the target of 80 per cent. In the Western Isles over 52 per cent of children are registered.

Public Health Minister Shona Robison said: “I am pleased to see that more people in the Western Isles have access to a NHS dentist.

“Across Scotland, an extra million people, including the vast majority of children living north of the border, now have access to NHS dental treatment.

“With increased access to dentistry we expect to continue to see improvements in the oral health of the nation.”