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Bobbi Brown
Bobbi Brown

GABY Soutar rounds up the latest beauty news and deals across Scotland

Ace of base

Here’s something for devotees of J’Adore perfumes, which include L’Or and L’Absolu. With ingredients such as jasmine and sandalwood, this sensually scented potion is designed for layering, to give depth to other perfumes. So, add a few droplets to your pulse points with the special applicator, then spritz another fragrance on top.

J’Adore Touche de Parfum, £70 for 20ml, Dior,

Star quality

It seems a shame to use these pretty baked eye colours, with a marbled finish that makes them resemble planets. Constellation is a dark, almost black purple, which is shot through with a pearlescent white (blend those shades together for a lighter shade).

Sequin Eye Shadows, £25, Bobbi Brown,

Burning love

Influenced by her Scottish-Italian heritage, Glasgow-based Lianna Mullen created this range of candles. Varieties include Jasmine and Thyme or Neroli and Lemon, each available in a choice of black or white packaging. This fruity version packs a punch, with a strong and sultry fragrance that fills a room pretty quickly.

Black Pomegranate and Plum Dramatic Noir Candle, £11 for 80g, Timeless Candles,