Heartbreaking cuts as Comhairle sets budget

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COUNCILLORS could be breaking a few hearts today (Thursday) when they spend Valentine’s Day finalising their budget for the year ahead which includes a long list of difficult choices.

After months of planning and consultation with the public, it is time to come to a decision on what stays and what goes.

A budget seminar was held yesterday (Wednesday) where there were further discussions on the issues which raised most concern from the public.

A Comhairle spokesman said a new proposal for budgetary choices, reflecting some of the main concerns expressed during the public consultation, will be put forward at today’s budget meeting at Comhairle nan Eilean Siar.

He said the aim is to mitigate impacts in a number of areas of concern, including shared headships, itinerant teachers, the asymmetric week and support for Penumbra. The proposal will be debated at the meetings of the Policy and Resources Committee and the Comhairle.

Comhairle Leader Angus Campbell commented: “The Comhairle has listened to concerns raised during the consultation process and has worked hard to find ways of making the reductions in services that are required whilst protecting services as far as we can.

“These latest proposals reflect the concerns of the community and the service committees and, if the Comhairle agrees to them, will significantly lessen the impacts of the difficult choices the Comhairle has to make.”

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