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LET’S clear up the mystery from the other day about our naked performer doing fire-swallowing. KT Tunstall has done an exclusive interview with the Stornoway Gazette and here is an excerpt:

KT, what is your game plan for Stornoway, any surprises for us?KT: “Apart from the nakedness, and the fire-swallowing I’ve been working on, it’ll basically be the same as usual!” As you can imagine, we think she is talking tongue in cheek, but she gave us some interesting answers, so watch out for the full interview in next week’s Gazette.

Other news later today will include a coup for a choir from the Nicolson Institute. Meanwhile, the festival has confirmed it will be supporting the solo Atlantic row attempt of Niall Iain Macdonald, and plans are afoot to showcase his seafaring challenge.

Expect to see some unusual sights at the main arena as a result.