Help keep Stornoway Black Pudding real

WANT to protect the delicious Stornoway black pudding from imitators? Well, the Stornoway Black Pudding Producers Association are looking for your help.

The Association, comprising of four town butchers: Charles Macleod, WJ Macdonald, Macleod & Macleod and Alex France, are campaigning to gain Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status for the humble black pudding – a move which would safeguard against 'inferior imitations manufactured outside the Stornoway area'.

As the Association states: "It would protect the consumer from being misled about the provenance and quality of Stornoway Black Pudding, and we also hope that it would encourage growth and investment in the rural economy through promotion to the consumer of the Stornoway Black Pudding as the guaranteed and genuine article."

Securing PGI will therefore safeguard the identity, brand and reputation of the pudding as the four Stornoway Producers all use traditional family recipes dating back generations and which have remained unchanged over the decades.

Applying for the all-important status, the Association are required to submit documented supporting evidence on why the Stornoway Black Pudding needs EU protection.

And that is where islanders come in, as they appeal for information the Association ask: "What makes Stornoway Black Pudding unique? Why is the Stornoway product different to any other black pudding product on the market, whether produced to a high quality in other geographical regions, or mass produced factory style product.

They continue: "We are looking to gather historical information on the links to island and crofting life and Stornoway Black Pudding production, and changes in consumer tastes over the years from the stronghold traditional market to the new gastronomic revolution being experienced by the Producers who now supply some of the finest hotels, restaurants and retail outlets in the UK."

If you have any information which you think may help Stornoway Black Pudding's bid to become a Protected Geographical Indication food, please drop it into any of the town butchers.