HHP continue to tackle fuel poverty

As fuel poverty in the Western Isles continues to climb a report to the Hebridean Housing Partnership (HHP) Board on 6th September highlighted the organisation’s progress as they endeavour to provide their tenants with the best opportunities possible to escape fuel poverty.

Peter O’Donnell, HHP’s Investment Manager said: “HHP’s commitment to investing in new efficient heating and insulation systems has ensured our existing homes are as efficient as possible.

“A recent HHP study, which was funded by Calor Gas and the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA), showed that our heating replacement programme was helping to take tenants out of fuel poverty with heating bills under £15 per week.”

HHP have partnered with Citrus Energy, an energy switching company, to help tenants reduce their bills even further.

Mr O’Donnell commented: “Switching to the cheapest electricity provider has seen some tenants weekly heating bills reduced to under £10 per week. Citrus Energy provide this service free of charge to all HHP tenants.”

HHP is also working alongside the Comhairle to help develop Hebrides Energy which will offer competitive electricity prices to island consumers.

HHP, as part of the Highlands and Islands Housing Associations, continue to lobby the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to address the inequality island customers face due to being off the gas network.