HHP insist drainage costs must be shared

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HHP have defended their stand off with home-owners in Tarbert’s Scott Road insisting any works done to improve drainage should be shared between the owners and the housing association.

During periods of heavy rain the street and some of the residents’ gardens in Scott Road are plagued by deep flooding, which one home owner told the Gazette, is due to HHP not carrying out overdue drainage works.

John Maciver, Director of Operations at Hebridean Housing Partnership, insists they are willing and keen to begin the work, but they feel the financial cost should be shared.

“Our position is we are aware of the issue which affects one row of houses especially following heavy rain in Scott Road, Tarbert,” he said.

“We are more than willing, in fact quite keen, to undertake the work but we believe it should be a shared responsibility between all the home owners. We will pay our share but the home owners should as well.”

One of the home owners is John McNally who submitted a series of photographs showing how bad the flooding can get in times of heavy rain fall.

A letter to homeowners from HHP dated September 2016 which Mr McNally supplied reads: “HHP are about to commence the Scott Road drainage within the next two months.

“The total cost for the work is estimated to be £526.21+VAT per house.

“As an owner/occupier you have a shared responsibility for the work being carried out to the drainage. You will be invoiced for £263.11+VAT which is due within 14 days of completion and £263.10+VAT due within two months of completion.”

Mr McNally is adamant neither he, nor other home owners in the street, are liable or willing to pay for any of the shared costs.

He has also compiled a petition of residents in Scott Road with all comments blasting the severe flooding and expressing their concerns .