Highest number of candidates for the Stornoway Trust in 40 years

The names of the candidates standing for election to the Stornoway Trust at the end of this month have been revealed.

Wednesday, 14th March 2018, 1:26 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th March 2018, 1:28 pm
This map shows the boundary (red line) of the massive section of landmass in Lewis which falls within the remit of the Stornoway Trust.

There are 22 candidates altogether – more than twice as many candidates as stood for the Trust in the last election in 2015 – and three of them are women.

Candidate numbers have been relatively low in recent years, with only six candidates standing six years ago. Last time round, in 2015, there were only nine candidates and none of them were women.

However, the level of interest in this election is higher than it has been for around 40 years and, if there had not been two withdrawals, the number of candidates standing would have equalled the all-time record for a Stornoway Trust election.

The election day is Tuesday, March 27 – exactly 14 days after the deadline for potential candidates to change their minds and withdraw their nominations.

Everyone who is on the Electoral Roll within the Stornoway Trust area will be eligible to vote. This is around 10,000 voters and there are hopes that the greater number of candidates this year will be matched by a good turnout at the ballot box.

Voting papers and information on all the candidates should drop through letter boxes by Monday.

Voters will have the option of posting their ballot papers to London – to get there by the deadline of noon on the 27th – or by putting their papers in the ballot box in the Trust office on voting day.

The Stornoway Trust holds an election every three years. Every three years five of the total 10 trustees must stand down, according to the Deed of Trust. Each serves six years before having to stand again, ensuring half the trustees remain in position to give continuity.

However, they may stand again after serving six years and two of the current trustees – Norman Maciver and Callum Ian Macmillan – are standing for re-election.

Those who are standing down and not seeking re-election are Jonathan Maciver, Cameron Macleay and Calum Macleod.

For a special feature on the Stornoway Trust Election see this week’s Stornoway Gazette out on Thursday, March 15th.