HItravel Stornoway: helping local residents to travel smarter

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April sees the launch of HItravel Stornoway, a campaign to help local residents to improve the environment of the town, to make it a more pleasant place to live, visit and spend time.

Led by the Comhairle and HITRANS (the regional transport partnership for the Highland and Islands), the campaign aims to reduce traffic levels in addition to helping people be a bit more active.

It is part of a range of activities to improve transport in the town.

The Comhairle, HITRANS and others are working to provide good quality infrastructure and transport services where they can. However, it’s up to everyone that travels in and around Stornoway to do their bit.

Cars have an important role to play in our transport system, and are essential for many people’s journeys, yet no-one wants the town to be dominated by traffic.

Currently much of the traffic in the town is making local journeys.

The campaign will highlight that there are good alternatives to the car for many local journeys, and most drivers can save money on their motoring costs.

Typically, you can save:

Up to 15% by driving more efficiently

Up to 30% by using the bus

Up to 50% by car sharing with others

Up to 100% of your fuel costs by walking or cycling for short journeys

Different journey choices don’t always take much longer either. For the shortest journeys, walking and cycling can often be as quick as driving and one of the easiest ways for most of us to get the exercise that we need, for free!

Over the next few weeks, the team will be offering information and advice to local people about their travel options; including work with local schools, with individuals at their workplaces and at key community facilities.

For more information about HItravel Stornoway, visit: website

Contact the team if you want to discuss your own journey choices at: here