Hope for Hogmanay

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The Stornoway Amenity Trust are planning a New Year’s Eve firework display in Stornoway this year- if they can raise enough money.

A spokesperson for the Trust, which is a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers, said: “We are appealing to local and national businesses operating in Stornoway to each pledge £500 towards a Hogmanay Spectacular, and the Amenity Trust will do the rest.”

Any firms interested in contributing should contact Charlie Nicolson on 07717816476 on or Nellie on 01851 703073

The Trust will report to the Gazette each week for the next five weeks on their progress and they will also put collecting boxes in the town for individual donations.

The plan is to hold the event at 10pm on Hogmanay on Bayhead, Stornoway.

Last year’s event was a great family occasion with a street party on Bayhead including musical entertainment and event some dancing on the streets of Stornoway.