Hosted post office service confirmed for Howmore

Post Office Ltd confirmed today (2 November) that Howmore Post Office service,

Isle of South Uist, will be re-opening and replaced with a new Hosted Post Office Service.

Following the end of the formal period of public consultation, and having reviewed the small number of comments received which mainly centred on the proposed opening times, the Hosted Post Office service will be introduced at Cothom Learning Centre, Ormiclate, Isle of South Uist, HS8 5SB.

There were some concerns that the proposed opening times would not be sufficient to accommodate the needs of our customers. The proposed hours of service have been based on actual customer usage of the previous service and Post Office Ltd are confident that operating the service with these opening times will meet the needs of our customers in the local community.

Post Office Ltd will continue to review and monitor service on an ongoing basis and should customer usage increase significantly, opening times will be adjusted accordingly.

Customers will still be able to access the same range of products and services as the previous service.

The new Hosted service, provided by our Subpostmaster from Lochboisdale Post Office branch, will open on Monday 28 November 2011.

The new service will operate for a total of four hours per week, on Mondays from 09:00 -11:00 hours, and on Wednesdays between 14:00 – 16:00 hours.

Kenny Lamont, Field Change Advisor, Post Office Ltd, said: “Our priority is to safeguard Post Office services to the local community in the longer term.

“The facilities and service that we provide to our customers is of paramount importance and we are confident that the new service can meet the demands of our customers in the local community and we hope it will be supported.”