Ice now available at Stornoway Harbour

Stornoway Port Authority are pleased to announce that ice is available once more in Stornoway Harbour.

Because of the breakdown of the ice plant that was owned and operated by the Stornoway Fisherman’s Co-operative, ice has not been readily available in Stornoway since September 2012. The Port Authority have now leased an ice machine as an interim measure until a new ice plant can be installed.

Port Authority Chief Executive, Jane Maciver said “We had to wait longer than we would have wished for an ice machine to become available, but we are delighted that it is now up and running and producing good ice. We know how important a commodity this is for fishermen and for a wide variety of other users and we are glad to be able to step in and give this assistance.”

Customers are encouraged to place orders for ice with the Harbour Office so that ice production can be managed effectively.

An independent cost benefit analysis and options appraisal has been commissioned in respect of a new ice plant and work on this will start in the New Year. Consultations will take place to help determine the optimum size and site for a new ice plant in Stornoway.